PHP Active CIC are absolutely delighted to have been selected by YES Society  to become one of the beneficiaries of their brand new & unique promotional Veterans Raffle.

To be given such exclusivity means that PHP Active CIC will be given the opportunity to receive donations that can be used to support and develop our community focused initiatives. We will feature how donations have been used to benefit individuals and groups on the PHP Active CIC website and social media.

We expect so much from our service personnel, yet we never stop to think of the cost that their sacrifice has upon both themselves and their families. The proceeds of the YES Society unique online Veterans Raffle  are split between hand-picked beneficiaries that are best placed, and best equipped, to deliver the support our service personnel require. The remainder of the money is allocated to essential administration costs and prizes. This equates to: 55% instantly apportioned to Charitable Giving, 40% awarded in prizes and only 5% retained for operational costs.

PHP Active CIC will be a beneficiary only and will not have any involvement in administering, promoting or the management of this unique Veterans Raffle.

This is an exciting opportunity and collaboration.

If you already play a lottery or other prize draw, why not switch toYES Society and help make a positive difference to others.