International Sports Collaborative


The Power of the Badge. International study visit. North West England.
31st October – 2nd November 2017.

Using the sports club brand to develop and align corporate and community objectives.

“This is a professional field trip to support international delegates in understanding the potential for sports clubs and stakeholders to both support local community needs and grow club business.”

The unique loyalty of fans to their sports club; the iconic position of sporting venues within the hub of the community; the ability of sport to transcend gender, age and ethnicity; all of these contribute to a unique opportunity for clubs to engage with local organisations and communities to address community needs (education, training, wellbeing, health, social interaction etc). In return, through delivering on their corporate and social responsibility, clubs have an opportunity to increase the clubs profile and that of their sponsors, engage with current and potential fans, widen income streams and build effective local partnerships to tackle match day related issues, such as policing, enhancing community relations, facility developments.

Whilst there are many reasons, both corporate and social responsibility, for sports clubs and organisations to engage in this work there are of course plenty of obstacles. To understand and overcome these obstacles and to take advantage of opportunities presented we need to learn from each other as to how we can best transform our approach.

This study visit will allow us to: share our experiences working internationally in this field for over 10 years; discuss learning and success that can be replicated and highlight potential difficulties that can be avoided; introduce delegates to some of the most established sports club / community partnerships here in the UK, demonstrating that the ‘concept’ is sustainable and transferable from sport to sport, club to club and country to country.

The aim of the study visit is to allow international delegates to network and share learning whilst experiencing first hand sustainable sports club corporate and community interventions.

 Learning Objectives

  • Understand the history and the potential for sport clubs in enhancing and supporting their communities
  • Understand the opportunities to use this agenda to grow your business objectives
  • Understand the opportunities for sports clubs to engage with fans within their communities and grow the fan base
  • Understand the potential for collaborative work between clubs, sports and regions
  • Understand the benefits to clubs in demonstrating delivery of their corporate and social responsibility

Key topics discussed:

  • How can clubs and communities work together to align and develop community and corporate objectives?
  • How has the concept developed over time? What contextual, technical and political factors enable and constrain progress?
  • How can sports clubs, partners, communities and businesses get involved in developing this process, and what lessons have been learned?
  • Is there an effective business case to be made for developing work in this field?
  • What is it possible to deliver and sustain? From policy to activity; from super stadium to local community clubs.
  • Is there opportunity for collaboration between delegates moving forward?

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