Military Veterans

Working with local and national agencies to develop and support community physical activity interventions for military veterans.

To link with professional sports clubs, amateur clubs and community organisations to deliver a  community based physical activity and sports programme for military veterans to help readjust back into civilian life, improve health and fitness and offer training and development opportunities.

  • To provide regular physical activity and social opportunities for veterans.
  • To improve physical and mental health of veterans and measurement of programme impact.
  • To provide participating clubs with coaching framework, coaching support, competitive match schedule, training and development opportunities.
  • Liaison with local and national agencies to identify additional external funding opportunities.
  • To provide information, raise awareness and to help access the support services available to veterans.
  • To provide initiatives that include family members in programme activities promoting health and physical activity.
  • To provide accredited training, employment and volunteering opportunities to veterans.

Some examples of our work in supporting veterans can be found in the News section.