Physical Activity and Sport

PHP Active is a dynamic and innovative Community Interest Company that aims to help people improve their own lives and positively contribute to the communities that they live and work in. “Supporting people to be the best that they can be!”

As a company we provide bespoke programmes, services and facilities tailored to meet the needs of our clients

Physical Activity and Sport

Sport and Physical Activity is at the heart of all PHP Active CIC delivery. So it is not surprising that we can specialise in the development and delivery of physical activity and sport specific programmes, not for sporting excellence but to harness the power of sport and physical activity for social good – As we believe that physical activity and sport impacts on physical and mental health, crime, employment and community empowerment. Our programmes embrace this as we look to demonstrate the power of or programme on transforming people and communities.

How we can support you?

All our programmes are designed to enable the hook of sport and physical activity.
To be used as a vehicle to provide meaningful and measurable impact on improving the lives and communities of those involved “helping participants to be the best that they can be” All programmes are built around one or more of our five fundamental outcomes: physical health, mental health, individual development, social and community development and economic development.

We can support your organisation in designing and delivering tailored programmes built around sport and physical activity. We can deliver these programmes at venues of your choice or we can host organisations at our own, extensive, facilities.

We have purposely kept the information below very brief as we do not believe in delivering standard physical activity or sport programmes. At the heart of all our work is a belief that programmes need to be bespoke, each organisation and the needs of their communities are unique. So we prefer to come in and chat to you about your specific needs, before designating support that is unique to your programme.

The types of areas we can offer support and expertise include:

  • Sport Specific Training Programmes delivered internally or externally
  • Physical Activity and Health Programmes
  • Partnership Development
  • Sport and Physical Activity Policy and strategy Development
  • Education and Training Programmes built around sport and physical activity
  • Monitoring and Evaluation